Septic Permits

Many agencies move their pages so you may need to look around their site to find the Onsite Wastewater permit. These files are also available at our office if you want to pick them up or receive them by mail

Be sure to print out all necessary forms required by each county and add to it, the additional (2) page download for the corresponding agency. This file contains important information for the completion of your Permit Package.

Fill in all the forms and attach the requested additional drawings and/or information. You can mail or bring them by our office for processing. They can be notarized by our office.

Many customers are not familiar with the permitting process. Here are the steps required to obtain a septic permit, which in most counties is required before a building permit/permanent power can be obtained:

  1. A septic permit application must be filled out by the homeowner with requested supporting documents attached.
  2. A site evaluation by a licensed Site Evaluator.
  3. A septic system design must be made by a licensed designer, engineer or registered sanitarian. The designer will then quote you an aerobic septic system cost.
  4. This application and design are then submitted to the proper county for approval.
  5. Once approved by the county - the installation process can be scheduled.

If you are installing a brand new septic system then you need to fill out the paperwork on the right for the appropriate county. After the septic system has been installed, you must then have an inspector make sure everything is up to code and everything is legal and the septic system is good to go. Then the next two years of maintenance are free covered by warranty.

Steps for new septic system installation:

  1. Get the permits.
  2. Make plans for the septic system.
  3. Physical installation