Septic Maintenance

Our technicians are on call 7 days a week

Septic System Maintenance Checklist

During the maintenance period we will fix aerobic septic system problems by providing the following maintenance at the required intervals:

  1. Check electrical circuits
  2. Check control panels
  3. Check the operation of all alarms
  4. Check operation of pumps
  5. Clean pump screen if needed
  6. Check aerator/compressor operation
  7. Clean aerator/compressor filter
  8. Check disinfection device.
  9. Clean all filters.
  10. Clean and adjust spray heads.
  11. Check air pressures and/or water column inch pressure.
    • We can determine the condition of diffusers and density of the effluent from these checks.
  12. Check water condition in clarifier and stir sludge accumulation if needed.
  13. B.O.D. and T.S.S. samples if required.
  14. Settleble Solids yearly or more often if we see a need.
  15. Sludge Judge test yearly or more often we we see a need.
  • All of our septic systems are tagged for the convenience of the owner, regulatory agency and maintenance provider.
  • Door hangers are left with results and recommendations.
  • We use a computer program called SAFE to track the systems we maintain.
  • Copies of all maintenance reports are forwarded to the appropriate regulatory agency.
  • We feel a proper maintenance program is a good investment and is required by T.C.E.Q. rules. A good maintenance program can help pumps and aerators last longer and prevent unnecessary pumping of the system.
  • Always ask for a copy of your providers' certification to see if they are qualified, so your contract will meet T.C.E.Q. rules
  • All of our technicians are licensed by T.C.E.Q, have completed the basic maintenance provider course and under gone additional training from our company.
  • We run background checks on all our employees and we carry a two million dollar general liability insurance and workers compensation.